I'm an admin on the Supernanny wiki. I first came to know Timmy because he was adding pages about himself to the Supernanny wiki, which is against the wiki's rules. I'm glad he has his own wiki to post things about himself in!

About logos

I like the Screen Gems logo, but not sure I have opinions about many existing logos.

I have created a couple logos as part of my job, but not for anything famous. Only people at my work would know about the things I have made logos for. I have a book about logo design that is really neat (I can't remember why I got this one out of the hundreds of books about logo design). At work, when we talk about things like logos, we call it branding.

About my username

I don't like my username. I have another one which I had been using (it matches all my other usernames out there), but somehow created "kwitbeck" due to a login issue. I thought I had fixed things and gone back to my original username, but realized after earning a high number of badges on the Supernanny wiki that I had been doing all of my work under "kwitbeck" instead. I was really disappointed when Wikia staff told me they could not combine my two profiles so that I could go back to using my standard username. They could only delete one of them. So be careful about choosing your usernames! Just make one and keep using it.

Also, there have been users on the Supernanny wiki making up usernames based on my username, which I'm sure wouldn't have happened if I were using my original username.

About my wiki activity

If I block or warn someone for not following rules, I'm not doing it to be mean, but just to make sure the Supernanny content stays true to what actually happened on the show, and isn't offensive to visitors (who in some cases have been people who were on the show and wondering what people say about them).

I have been thinking about adding to other wikis, but want to finish up on the Supernanny wiki first.